Neighbors Alert Police to Mother allegedly Passed Out on Front Porch


The Madison County Sheriff Office made an arrest on College Hill Road in reference to a female subject allegedly passed out on the porch with a toddler crying next to her.

According to the citation, neighbors allegedly noticed 24 year-old Megan West passed out on the front porch while her toddler was screaming, pulling her hair, and trying to wake her up. A 911 call was placed by the neighbor and deputies arrived to find West reportedly slumped over forward in the chair with her head between with her knees.

Officers report shaking West for five minutes until she finally woke up and went inside with the child. When police made verbal contact with West, they report she had slurred speech and glassy eyes. After entering the home of West, police report observing a bent spoon with residue still on it along with two syringe caps.

Deputies also report observing West allegedly throwing a small baggie during their encounter, which according to the citation contained two large white pills and half of an orange pill. West advised officers that it was Gabapentin and Suboxone and was reportedly arrested for engaging in conduct that was harmful with her child around.

West was lodged in the Madison County Detention Center on charges of Wanton Endangerment and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. DCBS was contacted for the child.