Musical Musings: Getting Soulful and Gritty with Duo Grits & Soul


They call themselves ‘Hillbilly R&B’, which seems to be an accurate description of this Americana Duo, one raised in Kentucky and the other from Mississippi’s deep south.

WBONtv had Grits & Soul in the studio for this month’s edition of Musical Musings.

Grits & Soul are comprised of vocalist and guitarist Anna Kline and mandolin player John Looney, who also has his hand in the vocals and guitar playing for the group.

The two are a fusion of blues, Southern soul, and a bit of country which makes for a delightful performance as you can see from the time in the studio in this edition of the show.

The pair tell Marisa Hempel that they have been touring for nearly a decade now, in order to spread their Southern sound.

They add that their influences range from gospel, to R&B, and of course drawing from their experiences of rural life in the South.

From their Grits & Soul Bio:

John was born in Southwest Virginia and raised in Kentucky. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist whose accompaniment on mandolin and guitar gives each song its own personality and distinct groove. 

Anna’s Mississippi roots ring clear in her songwriting as well as her capabilities as a vocalist.

Grits & Soul released their first album, Flood Waters, in 2013.

We got to witness some of their new work on the episode as well, which will be a part of their upcoming album. Watch the video now to get soulful and caught up on this powerful duo, who tour often in the Central Kentucky area.