Berea Police Arrest Nude Man Hallucinating Worms on His Body


Berea Police officials encountered an unusual scene Wednesday afternoon after they were dispatched to the Blythe Court area to investigate a call reporting a male subject reportedly banging on the front door of a residence there. The caller also informed police that the man was jumping up and down in the bed of his pickup truck.

When officers arrived, they allegedly found 24 year-old Billy Hisle completely nude in the backyard of an apartment complex. Authorities told Hisle to put his shorts back on, to which he reportedly told the officers that he was “scared” and that he “could not walk on the grass”.

According to the arrest citation, Hisle did not want to put his clothes back on because he feared that “worms were coming from his genitals”.

Additionally, police note that he was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred. Hisle was also reported to be hallucinating objects in front of him that were not there and saying that “people were after him”.

Several neighbors were outside during the above incident, including juvenile children.

Hisle was arrested and charged with 2nd Degree Disorderly Conduct, 1st Degree Indecent Exposure, and Public Intoxication.