Daycare Worker Reports Bruises on Child, Richmond Man Charged with Child Abuse


Richmond Police were dispatched to a local daycare center Tuesday morning to investigate a reported child abuse claim.

When the officer arrived, they spoke to a DCBS official who advised that the child had significant hand print bruising, along with several other bruises, on their bottom. The child verified that they had been spanked after being asked about the bruises by a daycare employee.

The DCBS official had several questions regarding the child’s behavior while at the daycare, as they had been observed choking and biting several different children while in the facility over the last month.

Daniel Sisco arrived at the daycare shortly afterwards to speak with the police and DCBS official about the bruises found on the child. According to police, Sisco confirmed that he knew about the marks found on the child’s body and that he had spanked them.

Authorities then requested that Sisco go to the police department to conduct an interview. During this process, Sisco reportedly claimed that he had physically disciplined the child in reference to his behavior at the daycare, and only after trying other disciplinary measures first. He added that he spanked the child five times with a “good amount of force” on their bare bottom.

According to the citation, Sisco stated that the force he used during this time was “probably too much” for a three-year-old child and that he was told by a family member not to spank the child that hard again.

Police charged Sisco with 4th Degree Assault (Child Abuse) and lodged him in the Madison County Detention Center.