Storms Make for Busy Sunday for Waco Volunteer Fire Department


For most people, Sunday is a day of relaxation before the busy work week picks back up again. For the Waco Volunteer Fire Department, however, this past Sunday was a day filled with action.

According to a social media post on the Waco Fire/Rescue Station #14 Facebook page, the team had to brave 9 different runs throughout the day, including two structure fires caused by lightning strikes.

The WVFD were not alone in their mission, though. Numerous Madison and Estill County officials were on the scene as well to provide assistance throughout the day.

“Big shout-out to our brothers from Madison County EMS, Madison County Sheriff’s Dept., Whitehall Fire Dept., Redlick Fire Dept., Union City Fire Dept., and Madison County Fire Station 1 & 2 for all your help tonight”, the social media post reads. “Again, we may have different uniforms and different vehicles but we are all on the same team!”