Drive-Thru Calamity Leads to Property Damage, DUI Charge for Richmond Man


Richmond Police responded to a report of an intoxicated male subject at Taco Bell late Saturday evening.

According to the citation, Heath Dunaway had left the scene before authorities arrived at the restaurant. Duanway allegedly struck an employee’s vehicle while exiting the parking lot, leaving his cell phone at the drive-thru window.

While officers were talking to employees of the restaurant, the suspect’s vehicle was located in the road on Eastern Avenue. According to police, his vehicle had exterior damage consistent with that of the employee’s car. Dunaway was later apprehended in the nearby area.

Further reading of the citation indicates that Dunaway was extremely intoxicated, and could not raise his head or walk steadily enough to safely conduct a sobriety test. An ambulance was then called in by officials due to his state of impairment.

Dunaway reportedly did not comply with police when being escorted into the emergency vehicle, resulting in officers having to force the suspect’s hands behind his back and handcuff him. After being transported to the hospital, Dunaway refused to take a blood test, and it was discovered that he was driving the vehicle on a suspended license.

Dunaway was charged with the following offenses: