Sibling Scuffle Leads to Wanton Endangerment Charge, Active Warrant Arrest

Left: Peter Ramirez, Right: Gloria Ramirez

Two siblings are now in jail, following a family confrontation which occurred late Wednesday evening.

Richmond Police were dispatched to the Merrick Drive area to investigate a possible hit and run incident. A complainant advised that a car bumper was left in the roadway, and all parties had likely left the area. Dispatch received a second call shortly after from one of the involved parties.

According to the citation, Gloria Ramirez told officers that she was following her brother in a car, when he purposely “slammed [on] his brakes”, resulting in a collision. Gloria Ramirez’s vehicle had apparent severe front-end damage and deployed airbags. Ramirez added that her brother, Peter Ramirez, failed to stop, leaving the scene of the accident. Officers would later locate the vehicle on Oldham Avenue.

While officers were speaking with Gloria Ramirez, she stated that she and her brother were involved in an altercation earlier in the night, stemming from an argument with their mother. Upon requesting Peter to give his statement, he confirmed that there was an altercation between he and his sister.

According to Peter Ramirez, his sister began arguing with their mother and raised her hand, “possibly striking her”. This allegedly lead to Ramirez being pushed by his sister. At this time, Peter reportedly attempted to pull the two apart before leaving in an attempt to deescalate the situation.

After the incident, Peter told police that he was leaving the area when he observed his sister traveling behind him at a high rate of speed and added that she intentionally collided with his vehicle.

As Gloria Ramirez was being treated for injuries sustained in the crash, she admitted to chasing her brother because she wanted to confront him for “possibly hitting her”, but denied that she purposely rammed her brother’s vehicle. Police arrested Gloria after she was medically cleared and charged her with 1st Degree Wanton Endangerment.

Authorities also arrested Peter Ramirez, as he had a warrant for the following charges: