Tonight Starts our Temporary Break from the Dry Heat


Another day and another record bites the dust. The previous record high for October 3rd was set in 1953 at 89 degrees; we are currently in the 90’s so that record is toast just like some many other records lately.

However, there is finally a change in store for us. Highs today are in the low 90’s with no rain in the forecast. Tonight is where it is going to get good. The last several nights we have only seen lows in the low 70’s, but tonight we are going to get back to average with lows in the in the mid 50’s.

Tomorrow is the first day of the fall meet, and with that, we are going to see more fall-like temps. Highs for Friday will be in the mid 70’s. That is not the end of the good news, though. Along with the cooler temps, we are going to see rain back in the forecast late Sunday and early Monday. If you have been waiting for more seasonable weather, you only have to wait until next week. Highs will start the week in the 60’s, with lows next week dropping into the 40’s.