2019 School State Assessment Scores Released


The Kentucky Department of Education has released the state’s Spring assessment data this week. The assessment data is now being reported differently from years prior, as Kentucky is transitioning to a five-star rating system for school districts.

The five-star system is based on strengths of performance on school-level measures and indicators of proficiency (includes reading and math), separate academic indicator (includes science, social studies, and writing), growth, transition readiness, and graduation.

Due to the changes, this year’s scores are not comparable to last year’s. However, this year’s scores will serve as a baseline going forward. Superintendent David Gilliam says that the school board is “excited about the results of the Spring assessment”, adding that the results represent “growth and progress” within the district.

The new system was designed to be more “user friendly” than systems utilized in years prior. Schools and districts are now assigned a star rating based on performance, ranging from 1 star (very low performance) to 5 stars (very high performance). Schools also can be reduced by a star if at least one significant gap exists. Star reduction is only applicable to schools receiving a rating of 4 or 5.

Highlights for Madison County Schools include being above the state average for elementary and middle school level in proficiency, separate academic indicator, and growth. The district was also above the state average at the high school level in proficiency, separate academic indicator, transition and graduation rate.

“The scores across the district are very encouraging,” Gilliam said. “We have a good baseline from which to build for the coming years and we are proud of the positive results. Our scores indicate that our students are growing academically and our staff is working hard to ensure that progress continues.”

Below are the results of how the district schools performed according to the five-star system:

● 5 Stars
o Shannon Johnson Elementary

● 4 Stars
o District – Middle School
o Kingston Elementary
o Kirksville Elementary
o Silver Creek Elementary
o White Hall Elementary

● 3 Stars
o District – Elementary School
o District – High School
o B. Michael Caudill Middle*
o Clark-Moores Middle
o Daniel Boone Elementary
o Glenn Marshall Elementary
o Farristown Middle*
o Foley Middle
o Kit Carson Elementary
o Madison Central High
o Madison Middle
o Madison Southern High*
o Waco Elementary

*Reduced from 4 stars to 3 due to an identified significant gap group.

● 2 Stars
o Boonesborough Elementary

Madison Kindergarten Academy does not participate in assessment as part of the state’s accountability program.