Record Breaking Heat Brings in October


I am really running out of ways to tell you that its hot, its been hot, and its going to continue to be hot for the next few days. Along with the heat, it is also dry. Pair those two things up and we are breaking records.

We have already broken the record high for October first, which was previously 89 degrees. Before noon, we were already into the 90’s. With that, we also broke the all-time high record for October, which was 94 degrees set back in 1941. Last month also saw two new records there: hottest and driest September on record. When will it end? Maybe this weekend, just in time for the opening of the fall meet.

Highs today are going to be really close to 100 degrees, only missing it by a degree or two. The low for tonight is a very warm 72 degrees. Tomorrow, we are going to work on breaking some more records with highs just under 100 again. The first sign of a cool-down is going to come in on Friday when highs will only be in the low to mid 70’s.