Local Musical Shop Helps the MCHS Band Get to the Macy Day’s Parade!


WbonTV’s Samantha Burford went down to Currier’s Music World and chatted with the manager Cathy Currier.

As Richmond’s only music store, Cathy stated that her and her mother agreed on donating to the cause.

A raffle will be going on at the store for a brand new guitar. If people are interested they can buy a 5$ raffle ticket.

Cathy adds that all proceeds will go towards Madison Central and their trip to the Macy’s Day Parade.

Cathy also states that the community has supported Currier’s for more than 50 years and they saw this opportunity to give back to the community. Currier’s invites everyone to come and support the Madison Central Band.

For additional information, watch the interview and be sure to contribute to the dreams of Madison Central Band students.