Tax Petition Committee Members Elaborate on Referendum


WbonTV spoke to two committee members of the recent petition opposing the property increase tax to come in and explain their recent endeavors following the property tax increase to fund the jail that was approved earlier this month.

Mary Renfro and Mary McMahan talk with wbontv about their petition and their thoughts on the property tax increase as county residents and homeowners. After a public hearing occurred for the tax increase it was obvious some citizens opposed the potential addition to their tax bills.

Many explained that they did not have a way to do anything about their rising mortgages or home costs, which exacerbated the issue. Renfro and McMahan tell us exactly how this petition can be a voice for those who now can’t afford their house payments, and how many across the county can get involved.

The committee members also spoke on ways you could donate or even volunteer your time and services to help this Madison County Movement. Watch the exclusive interviews here and if you feel inspired, be sure to visit to find out how to cast your vote!

Recent video of public hearing concerning tax increase: