Model Laboratory Facing Funding Woes Following State Evaluation


Model Laboratory at EKU has received a mandate from the Kentucky Department of Education stating that as of 2020-2021 academic year, they will no longer be allowed to receive state education funds from Madison County Schools.

Model Lab, which receives slightly under 1/3 of its annual operating expenses from Madison County Schools, was given the edict after a complaint regarding the facility’s special education program prompted the state Department of Education to review the school’s budget.

Model Lab Superintendent John Williamson sent out a letter to parents addressing the issue:

According to Williamson, the school is currently facing an ultimatum by having to choose between operating without public school funding or operating exclusively on limited public school funding. This would cause Model to “consider either a crippling decrease in funding to support [their] existing enrollment or significant increase in tuition costs”, Williamson’s letter reads.

The letter goes on to state that Model, EKU, and Madison County Schools are collaborating in an effort to remedy the budget revision. Representative Deanna Frazier, R-Richmond, has committed to sponsor legislation that would help provide a “permanent legislative solution”.

Williamson is inviting parents and staff to take part in a discussion which will be held tonight at 6:45 p.m. in the Model Auditorium.