Cleaning the Slate: Goodwill & Partners to Offer Expungement Clinic


Officials from Goodwill are teaming up with other local organizations to provide an “expungement clinic”, an event which aims to help people who have misdemeanors or certain felonies clean up their record.

WBON-TV spoke with LaRee Jacobs, a career coach with Goodwill, who says that the event will take place on October 1st at the Multi-Ministry Community Center, behind Richmond Methodist Church in downtown Richmond. The event will last from 2-5 p.m. and will provide potential job opportunities as well as legal counsel for individuals with a criminal record.

Stephanie Flanary, the Directing Attorney for AppalReD, went into more detail as it pertains to exactly what can be expunged from one’s record. “Pretty much any misdemeanor can be expunged”, Flanary said. She urges people to show up at the event, but adds that certain charges, such as sex crimes or crimes that involve children, cannot be removed from a person’s record.

Flanary added that the event will be entirely free, and she hopes that people will come out to have an opportunity to speak with one of the attorneys who will be present at the clinic.