Rain Showers Possible for Tonight and Tomorrow Morning


It’s a little warm out there for fall, but overall it’s a pretty nice day.

Highs for today are sticking around the mid 80’s, with sunny skies during the day. The big news really happens tonight. With lows in the mid 60’s, we’ll see the first real chance of rain in several weeks.

Tomorrow, temps will be a little cooler, only making it into the upper 70’s. A few more rain showers may be possible during the morning. The rain that we are hoping to see over the next 24 hours is all we are going to get for a while. We don’t see a great chance of any more rain in the next week. After tomorrow, we’ll start a gradual increase of temps that will get us right back up into the 90’s for daytime highs, just in time for the first of October.