Berea Man Flees Police After Allegedly Providing False Identification


Berea Police were recently dispatched to the Clay Drive area to investigate a suspicious male subject behind the Berea Pawn Shop. Authorities believe he may have been tampering with the store’s security alarm.

Officers located the man, later identified as 58-year-old Linville Hall, still behind the business. When asked for identification, Hall reportedly claimed that he did not know his Social Security number and did not possess his Social Security card. Police then asked for his name and date of birth, resulting in Hall allegedly providing an alias of Johnny Gabbard along with a fake date of birth.

When police dispatch was unable to locate anyone with that name and information, the officers returned to Hall and advised him that giving false identifying information is a crime. According to the citation, Hall maintained the false identity and gave authorities a piece of paper with a Social Security number claiming it to be his. The number was discovered to belong to someone else.

Further reading of the citation indicates that Hall began to flee the scene on foot after police learned that the number wasn’t his. Hall was detained after a brief foot chase, reportedly tucking his arms under his body and refusing to give his arms to officers. Upon being handcuffed, Hall provided his real name.

Hall was transported to the Madison County Detention Center where he was charged with Giving Officer False Identifying Information, 2nd Degree Fleeing Police, and Resisting Arrest.