Opening the Door for Artistic Expression: Murals of Berea Unveil New Art Piece


Berea College’s admissions office received a unique decorative update Friday as a new door mural was unveiled at a ceremony this past week.

Artist Keena Sparks, a Berea College graduate, painted the door as part of the Murals of Berea program. Murals of Berea is a grassroots initiative to engage the Berea Community in artistic expression.

The door mural displayed at their admissions office symbolizes Berea College’s mission and will be displayed on the office’s lawn as a visual inspiration for students to work hard and achieve their goals. Murals of Berea is working toward auctioning off several of these doors from the “Berea Outdoors” project on November 8th in order to fund murals that have been requested by local leaders and business owners.