Priceless Estill Not Closing: Changing to an IGA Despite Rumors


Wendall Combs opened Price Less foods also know as Super Save back in 1989, and it then changed hands several times.

Harold Gould, a former owner made it Price Less Foods later on.

Harold owned the store for approximately 15 years and then sold it to his son Tom. The two year road construction on Winchester Road in Irvine, however, the owners tell WBONTv devastated the business.

Watch the video above where we interview Tom Gould and let him set the record straight about the rumor around town that the location was closing. He says that and at first the closing was was a possibility, but the store will remain open and instead will be changing from grocer vendor to IGA.

Gould reports to WBONtv that the store will then continue operating as usual.