Richmond Area Arts Council to Hold Annual Starlight Gala Friday


Richmond’s Starlight Gala looks to provide a night of entertainment while raising money for a good cause.

The gala is the Richmond Area Arts Council’s biggest fundraiser of the year, with this year’s event representing the 30th anniversary of the function. The proceeds raised from admission will provide support for after-school programs for children in music, dance, drama, and the visual arts. Other expected plans include an art expo for Madison County Schools, adult education classes, summer camps, and concerts.

In addition to all of the entertainment, the event will provide a hearty menu including braised beef tips with port wine, roasted garlic mashed potatoes with crispy onions on top, Chesapeake Bay blue mini crab cakes, and slow roasted pork tenderloin with cranberry and apple ginger chutneys.

The Starlight Gala will be held at the Perkins Courtyard and Hummel Planetarium for the first time, where the event will begin at 6pm on September 20. Tickets for the gala are on sale for $60. More information can be found on the Richmond Area Arts Council’s website and Facebook page.