Lexington Woman Yells at Police Officer, Claims she is a “Goddess”


Richmond Police experienced an unusual encounter Monday afternoon, when a female subject reportedly threw an item which hit the back of a patrol car in downtown Richmond.

According to the citation, the patrol officer then made a U-turn to make contact with the female subject, later identified as Destiny Dewitt of Lexington. Dewitt allegedly stood in the middle of the busy intersection of West Main Street and North 3rd Street cursing and yelling at the officer.

This caused traffic flow to become impeded and prompted several nearby citizens to become alarmed. Dewitt then reportedly advised officers that she did throw the item that hit the patrol car, and added that she was the reason why they “only had 7 years to live”. She then told officers that she was a goddess and refused to give police her name. It was determined that Dewitt was manifestly under the influence of an unknown substance.

Authorities placed her under arrest and charged her with Public Intoxication and 2nd Degree Disorderly Conduct.