Richmond Woman Allegedly Gives Child Alcohol, Puts in Sexual Situations


A woman was bought into the Richmond Police Department recently following allegations that she involved a minor in sex acts, including giving the minor alcohol and lingerie.

46 year old Tammy Jackson was then arrested on three counts of sexual abuse on a victim younger than 12, unlawful transaction with a minor, endangering the welfare of a minor. and use of a minor in a sexual performance Monday.

Jackson, according to the citation, told police that she and a man bought multiple kinds of alcohol earlier in August and then returned to their home on North Third Street.

Jackson told police that the man, Jeff Sparks had bought Jackson and a minor, younger than 12, matching underwear.

According to the citation, the minor then drank the alcohol that was provided by Sparks and Jackson.

Jackson told police that she then performed sexual acts with the man and smoked marijuana in front of the minor. She added that she may have allegedly smoked methamphetamine, which caused her to forget parts of this night.

During an interview with the minor, they reported that Jackson had touched them in a sexual manner in a bathtub, and had instructed her to take her clothes off. The child also tested positive for valium following a drug test.

Jackson was taken to the Madison County Detention Center and charged with the following offenses: