Concert Pregame Turns into Double Drug Arrest for Two Richmond Teens

Shelbie Staton, 19 Aieshanette Luyando, 18

The Richmond Police Department report arresting two teens on various alleged drug charges this past weekend.

In the parking lot of the Country Side Inn, Police report observing 18-year-old Aieshanette Luyando and her friend 19-year-old Shelbie Grace attempting to enter a vehicle while allegedly highly intoxicated. Police report that upon contact the odor of marijuana was strongly coming from the vehicle.

During a search of the vehicle police report locating a mason jar with reportedly an ounce of marijuana in it, two marijuana roaches in the center console, and a fanny pack under the passenger seat that contained a sizable amount of heroin and cocaine, as well as Xanax bars and around 400$ in cash.

Both subjects allegedly admitted to using an assortment of drugs prior to attending the Country Side Inn music concert. Both Luyando and Staton were arrested on various drug charges and lodged in the Madison County Detention Center.