Richmond Man Allegedly Assaults, Strangles Woman


Richmond Police recently responded to a domestic disturbance call from a Kristin Drive residence.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the victim who advised that a male subject, later identified as Jason Wampler, had physically assaulted her. According to the victim, Wampler had slammed the front door which instigated an argument between the two. Wampler allegedly reentered the residence and began yelling at the victim.

This led to the victim grabbing a baseball bat from her kitchen because she began to feel threatened. The victim claims that she never struck Wampler with the bat.

The suspect then reportedly took the victim down to the ground and proceeded to punch her in the face, causing her nose to bleed. According to the citation, the victim tried to push Wampler off of her when he got up.

Further reading of the citation indicates that Wampler then took the victim to the ground again, choking her until she passed out. These actions were corroborated by a mutual friend, who arrived earlier with Wampler and witnessed the alleged assault.

After talking to the victim and the witness, Wampler’s vehicle was observed by police traveling near Duncannon Lane and was stopped. Wampler reportedly told officials that the victim became angry with him and was trying to leave her residence when she picked up the bat. According to the citation, Wampler admitted to restraining the victim by holding her head and shoulder, but denied that he struck or choked her.

Wampler was arrested on charges of Strangulation and 4th Degree Assault, before being transported to the the Madison County Detention Center.