Morning Joyride Leads to Wanton Endangerment Charges


A Richmond man is now behind bars, over two weeks after he allegedly committed numerous traffic violations while traveling down East Main Street.

Richmond Police responded to a call which claimed that the suspect, 45-year-old Buddy Feltner, was “running red lights, laying on his horn, and speeding toward town”. When authorities arrived to the area, they allegedly observed Feltner illegally passing vehicles and driving on the wrong side of the road. This reportedly caused multiple vehicles to pull over and stop to avoid being struck head on.

According to the complaint warrant, police caught up with Feltner and they witnessed his vehicle run through a red-light at the intersection of West Main Street and Lancaster Avenue. Upon initiating a traffic stop on the vehicle, Feltner allegedly refused to stop his car and continued to travel approximately 15mph over the speed limit while ignoring any red-lights.

Feltner reportedly almost struck a pickup truck at the intersection of East Main Street and Madison Avenue. Police claim that the suspect then put both of his hands out of the vehicle’s sun roof and continued to drive in this manner for several hundred yards.

The vehicle eventually pulled over and Feltner allegedly stuck his head out of the driver-side window, asking why he was being stopped. According to the complaint warrant, the officer exited their vehicle and attempted to approach the suspect before he sped off again. After terminating the pursuit, authorities were able to identify the operator of the vehicle as Feltner.

Police later contacted Feltner’s mother, the registered owner of the car he was driving during the incident. Feltner was arrested August 27th, and charged with a myriad of offenses.