Richmond Man Allegedly Assaults Woman with Cell Phone, Confines Her to Bedroom


Richmond Police recently responded to a residence on Timothy Way regarding a call where a woman could be heard screaming before the call ended.

Upon arrival, the female subject told the officer that the suspect, Johnny Ray Baker of Richmond, had attacked her with a cell phone. Allegedly, Baker had struck the victim in the foot with the phone causing minor injury. Police observed the injury which was reportedly red in the area the victim described.

The victim advised the officer that during the altercation, Baker had grabbed the cell phone from her and stuck it in his pocket. According to the citation, Baker then prevented the victim from exiting a bedroom when she attempted to leave to avoid further confrontation.

The victim then fled to the closet and hid until the police arrived, when Baker allegedly instructed her to “tell officers anything to make them go away.” Authorities were then told by the victim that this behavior had been exhibited by Baker numerous times in the past. Baker allegedly told police that he did not mean to throw the phone and that the victim was not being held against her will.

Baker was then arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention Center where he was charged with 4th Degree Assault and 1st Degree Unlawful Imprisonment.