Madison County Animal Shelter Unveils New Rescue Trailer


It’s important to be prepared in the case of an emergency. But with so many things to keep in mind, it is easy to lose track of furry loved ones during such an event. The Madison County Animal Shelter has recently refitted an animal control vehicle to help keep pets safe and sound in the wake of a disaster.

WBON spoke with Madison County Deputy Judge Executive Colleen Chaney who gave us the details on the new animal rescue trailer. “If we were to have a situation where individuals were out of their homes… and they were going to a shelter or to a hotel… they can’t take their pets with them”, Chaney says.

The rescue trailer is fitted with numerous cages to house animals that are displaced during an emergency, so that they can be reunited with their families later.

Madison County residents may see the new vehicle at some local events, including the Spoonbread Festival. People will be able to stop by and learn more about animal safety, and even have the opportunity to adopt pets from the shelter.

Chaney also urges county residents to purchase the necessary license (dog tag) for your furry friends. Money received from sales of licenses will contribute towards the care of shelter animals as well as fund animal emergency operations.

To learn more about the Madison County Animal Shelter or to update your dog tags, visit the Madison County website at