Richmond Woman Allegedly Whips Children with Belt, Charged with Child Abuse


Richmond Police report responding this weekend to a call regarding two young boys who claim they were assaulted on multiple occasions by their mother, including being hit with a belt.

The citation details that the juveniles told police that Jamey Craig allegedly whipped them both with a belt. One of the boys showed police and a social worker bruises in order to confirm the alleged abuse.

The boys, according to police, were separated during their interviews with investigators. One of the boys said that he had sun poisoning and was beaten by Craig with a brush on the severe burn. They continued they were not allowed downstairs in the home by Craig, and that they had to sleep on the floor of the home with no bed.

Police continue that the victims added that they were whipped many times for “fidgeting and speaking softly”. One of the boys allegedly added to police that he did not want to go home for fear of incurring more injuries from Craig.

Pictures were logged for evidence of the injuries to the boys, and Craig was taken to the detention center and charged with 4th Degree Assault (Child Abuse)