Richmond Man Stalks Victim, Allegedly Threatens to Kill Multiple People


On Tuesday, Richmond Police were called to investigate a report of a male subject threatening people in a local apartment complex. The report also stated that the male subject was wielding a knife and a stick.

Police arrived to the scene and encountered the subject, later identified as Bobby Anglin, in his residence. Authorities reportedly detected an odor of alcohol on his person and observed belligerent behavior being exhibited. Multiple witnesses advised officers that Anglin had been following the victim around the complex.

According to the witnesses, Anglin had been hiding around the complex and watching the victim’s residence “for hours”. Allegedly, this behavior had been going on for several months. Witnesses also advised officials that they witnessed Anglin breaking the victim’s screen door down, and occasionally harassing other male subjects he saw interacting with the victim.

Earlier that day, Anglin reportedly approached the victim’s residence, banged on the front door and destroyed the victim’s flower bed when he was ignored. Anglin allegedly stated aloud that he was “gonna kill [the victim]”.

When police made contact with the victim, they reportedly stated that Anglin “never leaves [them] alone and no one does anything about it.” When officers returned to Anglin, they proceeded to Mirandize him. At this time, he allegedly stated that he needed to go to the emergency room because he was “going to kill himself”.

Police transferred Anglin to Baptist Health Richmond, where he reportedly continued making vulgar statements about the victim. According to officials, Anglin stated that the victim was going to “pay the price”, and that he was going to “kill everyone” who stood in his way.

Anglin was transported to the Madison County Detention Center where he was charged with Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place, 2nd Degree Stalking, 3rd Degree Terroristic Threatening, and Menacing.