Model Laboratory School Launches 1:1 iPad Initiative


Today, students at Model Laboratory School received new iPads that will allow them to create, design, and code. The new iPad initiative is designed to enable students to develop creative work in authentic, real-world settings.

“We’re emphasizing creating, designing, and coding skills heavily in our world-class education,” said Superintendent John Williamson. “And we’re introducing this initiative in order to provide the opportunities for students to be successful innovators.”

The 1:1 iPad initiative will replace the school’s former 1:1 Chromebook program. Students are thrilled to begin using the new devices. Easton Timbrook, a seventh grader, stated, “I’m excited because I think the iPads have a lot more features. I can draw and sketch on the iPad with a bunch of different apps. Plus, I think they’re more portable, and the speaker quality is better, too.”

Model seeks to foster students’ creative genius throughout its K-12 programs with the new initiative. Not only will Model students now have access to iOS apps that will aid in creating various content, they will also still retain access to more traditional tools such as Microsoft Office and Google Drive.

The school will continue to maintain the use of physical textbooks. “Technology is not a replacement for traditional learning. Research has shown that the use of printed textbooks as opposed to virtual ones is critical for students’ academic success,” said Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Professional Learning Dr. Christopher Budano.

The new technology compliments Model’s world-class education where students are participating in new classes such as Filmmaking and Broadcasting, AP Computer Science Principles, and Media & Information Literacy. Along with Model’s other offerings, students are being challenged to craft relevant media products such as websites, podcasts, and even apps.