Former Madison County Magistrate Candidate Indicted for Sexual Charges Involving Nine Minors, Facing 30 Years


After following an investigation by Kentucky state police, a former Madison County Magistrate candidate has now been arrested and indicted on charges alleging he sent and received sexual content from a high school student in the area.

KSP report making an arrest on 48-year-old Scotty D. Johnson. Officials add that Johnson allegedly created a social media account through a popular app in order to procure explicit matter from a juvenile. Johnson, according to court documents, pretended to be a teenage girl in order to get pictures and videos from the juveniles.

Update 2/25/2020: Johnson has now been indicted on 23 federal counts of receiving, producing, and possessing child pornography. Johnson could now be looking at 30 years behind bars, and could face fines of up to a quarter of a million dollars if convicted.

Johnson is due back in court in Frankfort for the federal charges on April 21.

UPDATE: Johnson has officially been charged with Seven Counts of Use of a Minor in a Sexual Performance, Seven Counts of Possessing or Viewing Matter Portraying a Sexual Performance by a Minor, Two Counts of Tampering with Physical Evidence, Prohibited Use of Electronic Communication System to Procure a Minor, and Seven Counts of Distribution of Obscene Matter.