Flagship A&W Store Coming to Richmond–SOON!


You may have noticed some construction on the bypass in front of the Richmond Centre. Well, get ready to get your burger and root beer float on, because it is going to be a bigger and better A&W flagship store. Not only will this location be a full-service restaurant and fast food joint, but it will be the training center for the entire area.

Vice President of Marketing for A&W Sarah Mueller says that there are about 600 restaurants across the county, however here in the Lexington market they are unique as these specifically are not franchised. Mueller says that there are currently 15 other similar restaurants going up around the country, and will all be based and modeled after the Richmond location.

She adds that dozens of sites were checked out, but they wanted to stay in the Lexington area and here in Richmond was the best site as they needed a bigger location for the training center and better timeline.

As far as the current Long John Silvers and A&W location near Eastern Kentucky University, Mueller says that they are working with the franchise operator to transition the A&W out of that area.

Surprisingly to some, this new development makes sense as Mueller says the A&W national headquarters is located in Lexington.

Stay tuned for the development of this location, which Mueller says is now ahead of schedule and is looking to open in November.