Potential for Standing Chaplain for Berea City Council Meetings on Hold–for now


It was standing room only Tuesday night in the Berea City Council Chambers as citizens discussed a proposed municipal order that would establish a standing chaplain to give an invocation for each and every council meeting.

The original order created a budget line of $600 per year to pay the chaplain, who was to be the pastor of a local church. An amended proposal eliminated the pay, but the controversy remained. 

Although a motion passed to table the order so legal counsel can be consulted, ten citizens had the opportunity to voice their opposition to the order. While not a single Berean spoke up in support of the order, there seemed to be several in attendance prepared to give their opinions if the issue came to a vote.

The resounding message from those that did speak was to consider replacing the invocation with a moment of silence.

It is unclear when or even if the proposal will be brought back up for a vote for future meetings. Stay tuned as we follow up with this story.

Reporting by Jamie Boggs, WBONtv