Richmond Man Allegedly Assaults Girlfriend and Her Acquaintance


Richmond Police were called to a residence on Barringer Lane early Thursday morning in reference to a male subject reportedly forcing a female subject into an apartment. Upon arrival at the scene, the officer heard arguing coming from an upstairs unit.

Police observed an open door to the apartment, and announced his presence to the couple. The female victim was observed to be distraught, and advised the officer that the male subject, later identified by police as Julio Antonio, had allegedly grabbed her by the neck during the argument.

The conflict reportedly arose as a result of Antonio suspecting the female victim was attempting to cheat on him with another male subject. Police arrested Antonio for this incident and transferred him to the Madison County Detention Center. Shortly afterwards, Richmond Police were dispatched to St. Joseph’s Berea Emergency Room in regards to an assault which occurred earlier in Richmond.

The male victim advised the officer that he had been in contact with Antonio’s girlfriend, and traveled to her residence to meet her. When the victim arrived, however, Antonio allegedly walked over to his vehicle and asked him what he was doing there. Antonio then reportedly began striking him with a “construction type level”. The victim attempted to shield himself from the attack by using his left arm, resulting in his left forearm and middle finger being broken. Antonio’s girlfriend advised the officer that she witnessed the assault.

According to the citation, the Richmond officer then went back to the detention center to ask Antonio for consent to search his vehicle. Upon consent being given, the vehicle was searched and police located a level matching the description given by the male victim earlier. Antonio was charged with 4th and 2nd Degree Assault.