Oh Boy! Richmond Frischs Hangs in the Balance


**Update: Frischs VP of Marketing states today that they have not heard of the decision to stay open at this time, and says that the understanding in Cincinnati is to still close the location Sunday.

Following much chatter on social media this week, it was confirmed through corporate and WBONtv that the Frischs location off Exit 90 in Richmond was doomed to close this Sunday, August 19th.

However, the tables (no pun intended) have seemingly now turned, as there seems to have been a change of heart possibly due to the media and public outcry following the closing.

WBONtv spoke to Assistant General Manager of the location Lora Leigh, who says that the call came in around 10 p.m. last night from the owner of the lot saying they will no longer be shuttering the famous fast food and dine in chain.

According to Leigh, this was a call from the owner of the lot, not the franchise owner that was said to be the one previously deciding to close.

Leigh says she has been with the company for seven years, and that this was a huge relief and victory for those working at the location, which has been in Richmond since Spring of 1985.

However, not many details have been released yet as to why there was this change of heart, but Leigh says they are awaiting official word today as promised in last night’s call as to why the decision was made.

Stay tuned as WBONtv will update this story.