The Inside Details of Frisch’s in Richmond Closing This Sunday, Potential Protests to Ensue


There has been quite a bit of a stir on social media regarding the Frisch’s location off exit 90 in Richmond officially closing this Sunday, August 18th.

Although this is a crisis to some (including the Cincinnatian writing this) yet a relief to others, there still are some details that are unclear as to why this is happening after so many years of service to the Richmond area.

WBONtv went straight to the source to find out exactly why Richmondites will no longer be able to snag the beloved Big Boys or Swiss Misses.

Vice President of Marketing for Frisch’s Todd Napier said that they at Frisch’s share the disappointment to close the location, however they are actively looking for another franchise owner to hopefully open another location so that they can continue to serve the people of Richmond.

Napier says that this was strictly a franchise owner’s decision to close the branch, and not due to declining revenue.

WBONtv also mentioned to Napier the alleged protest that is supposedly taking place this Thursday at 6 p.m. ahead of the closure, and he added that he appreciates the enthusiasm and they will do whatever they can at corporate to hopefully open another location.

This particular location has been servicing the Richmond community since the Spring of 1985.