Drug Trafficking Arrests at the Quality Quarters Inn


Kentucky State Police arrested a couple at the Quality Quarters Inn Wednesday morning as part of an ongoing drug investigation.

The officer made contact with Shawn Farmer and Kathleen Paolini, where they were granted entry into their room. Upon entering the residence, State Police reportedly observed a glass pipe which is commonly used to smoke methamphetamine.

According to the citation, when Farmer was asked about the pipe, he discarded it into a garbage can. This resulted in both Farmer and Paolini being detained by the officer, and subsequently transported to the Madison County Detention Center.

Kentucky State Police were able to obtain a search warrant for the room, where they allegedly found four grams of methamphetamine, two syringes loaded with suspected heroin, multiple small baggies, and a digital scale.

Farmer and Paolini were charged with multiple counts of Controlled Substance Trafficking as well as Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.