Local Diabetic Group Looks to Frankfort for Affordable Insulin


Costs associated with insulin have skyrocketed in recent memory, but those that do not need it daily to treat Diabetes may be left in the dark about this seemingly unending issue.

WBONtv sat down with two local diabetics who are working to bring this cost to the forefront and to help push for legislation in Frankfort.

According to David Johnson, even with his insurance through his job he is still forced to pay out of pocket hundreds every month for the insulin he needs to survive. Johnson added that until this past session, emergency insulin would have also been an out-of-pocket cost. He continues that he was recently in a panic when his insulin was damaged by heat on vacation, and he had a difficult time getting it replenished so far from home.

Johnson says he has been working with lawmakers, and started a Facebook group to bring awareness to the change that he says is detrimental to not only his wallet, but his health.

We also spoke to Jamison Rogers, who uses a pump to continually get her dosage. She says this is even more expensive than traditional methods such as the vials that Johnson uses. Rogers says that with three very young kids at home it makes it even more difficult to cover these rising costs.

We also received a statement from Representative Deanna Frazier, whom had a hand in getting the emergency insulin bill through the Kentucky House this past session.

As a healthcare professional, I understand the importance of access and affordability when it comes to prescription drugs. This is especially true of medication like insulin, which is often needed in emergency situations. I was proud to support and cosponsor House Bill 64, which is now law and will allow pharmacists to provide an emergency refill of insulin and other asthma related medications, without a prescription. I also look forward to supporting legislation in the 2020 session which will make the cost of insulin and other prescription drugs more affordable for families. As a voice for our communities in Frankfort, I will continue to advocate for bipartisan healthcare solutions that save lives and ensure that critical medicines are available to patients in need.” (R) Frazier.

The next step, all three say, is to continue to push for affordability of these crucial medications for the 2020 session.

For more information, you can view the Facebook group here.

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