Domestic Dispute Leads to Assault Charges


Richmond Police responded to a call about a female subject with visible injuries Wednesday morning. When the officer arrived to the scene, they observed the female subject, Breallen Nester, and found injuries on her head, elbow, knees, and back.

According to the citation, Nester told the officer that she and her boyfriend, Christopher Isaacs, had recently gotten involved in a physical domestic dispute. The confrontation occurred after Nester reportedly discovered Isaacs engaging in a video chat with his ex-partner.

Allegedly, Isaacs struck Nester after arguing with her and proceeded to grab her by the hair and drag her to the ground. Nester also claimed that she was slapped during the assault.

Further reading of the citation indicates that Nester managed to get away from Isaacs, grab a stick, and begin to beat him with it. Nester also reportedly grabbed a grill rack and began striking Isaacs in the head as he attempted to grab her by the throat.

Isaacs told the officer that the injuries inflicted upon Nester were a result of self-defense. Nester claims that they had both been drinking before the incident occurred.

Since authorities could not determine who the primary aggressor was in the conflict, both Issacs and Nester were arrested and charged with 4th Degree Assault.