Search Warrant Leads to Four Arrests and Drug Bust


Richmond police report conducting a search following a warrant on a residence along North Third St. The search turned into a drug bust resulting in the arrest of four suspects.

Matthew Hany
Tiffany Carter

Police report that upon entering the home 30-year-old suspect Tiffany Carter was in a bedroom along with another suspect known as 30 year old Matthew Hany. According to the citation, police also found a purse that contained suspected methamphetamine, heroin, $122 and unlabeled capsules. Police also report discovering a case with various pieces of paraphernalia that had been thrown out of the bedroom window. Both suspects allegedly accused each other of throwing it out the window.

Andrew Olson
Gabrielle Olson

While the search proceeded another two suspects arrived via car. Gabrielle Bailey and Andrew Olson exited their vehicle and police report searching the vehicle and finding a loaded uncapped syringe in the floorboard of the passenger seat. Bailey was also observed hiding a a syringe cap in her hand when she exited the vehicle.

Carter, Hany, Olson and Bailey were taken to the MCDC on charges of tampering with evidence, possession of heroin and methamphetamine. Olson states that he was allowing people to stay in his home and “knew they had a habit, but didn’t know about the trafficking”.