Registered Sex Offender Flees Officers Near Daycare, Gives False Information


An encounter in the back parking lot of the Madison County Library in Richmond led to multiple sex offender charges, as well as one man fleeing and evading police.

According to the citation from the Richmond Police Department, officers encountered Chester Wayne Biggs in the parking lot of the library, and he was run through dispatch. It was then that it was discovered that Biggs had an active warrant for his arrest.

At this time, Biggs ran from officers when they alerted him to the fact that he needed to be detained. Biggs allegedly then jumped a chain link fence at the adjoining church near 5th street.

Even though he was commanded to stop at multiple points, Biggs then continued away from officers towards Church Street, through a back field, and over another fence. After continuing through multiple backyards, Biggs was eventually detained by officers without incident.

At this point, it was discovered that the warrant was for Biggs’s failure to comply with sex offender registration. Biggs had allegedly violated these terms as he had been on the premises of a daycare located inside a church. Upon a search, it was found that Biggs had a deadly weapon on him, a silver butterfly knife.

Biggs, according to the citation, had previously been advised by officers to update his sex offender registration this summer. Biggs had allegedly given officers the wrong address during this process. He was charged with providing a false statement to law enforcement for sex offender registration, fleeing and evading police, carrying a concealed weapon, and violating sex offender school restrictions.