Set-up at the Dixie Plaza Leads to Assault Arrest.


Last week in the late hours of Thursday, Richmond police report responding to an assault victim at Baptist Health Hospital. The victim advised authorities of the situation and the cause of his visible injuries.

The victim stated that earlier in the night his girlfriend and he went to her ex-boyfriend’s residence to reportedly recover some of her property. After leaving the residence, the victim stated his “High-Performance” car accidentally spun gravel while leaving the residential parking lot.

Later that same night the victim reportedly received a text from a female subject requesting to meet him at Dixie Plaza by the intersection of Fagan Drive and Marsha Kay Drive. The victim was then allegedly grabbed by the female subject’s boyfriend (23-year-old Kenan Hill) from behind and put in a headlock which initiated the assault.

The citation continues that the victim stated he witnessed the ex-boyfriend watch the confrontation from afar before he pleaded that his friend Kenan Hill stop so the two of them could talk it out a little while after the assault commenced. The victim then drove himself to Baptist health to treat his injuries.

Police report locating Kenan Hill at his address along with the ex-boyfriend. Hill was detained and the ex was read his Miranda Warning, which he waived. While speaking with the ex he stated that the female subject was told to message the victim in an attempt to set him up.

The ex also stated that he was angered at the victim for spinning gravel in his parking lot before leaving. Police also spoke to Hill who admitted to the assault and theft of the victim’s pocket knife and said that he had thought the victim had disrespected his friend (the ex) at his own home, which later led to his actions.

Hill was transported to the Madison County Detention Center on charges of robbery 1st degree and assault to the 4th degree.