Richmond man fires gunshots at vehicle and residence, gets arrested


A man was recently arrested for allegedly firing in a residence and endangering other residents.

The Richmond Police Department initially responded to a shooting incident earlier this month that occurred in the area of N. Third. A witness told police that a person named “CuCu” gave him gas money for a ride to a place near Soft Shoe on Boggs Lane.

According to a citation, during the drive, “CuCu” yelled “something smart” at two people and left but, the victims followed them with a truck. The two male victims in the truck pulled along side of them and had an argument with “CuCu”. “CuCu” reportedly flashed a black revolver out the window and sped away from the victim’s truck.

Witnesses told police that while driving in the area of N. Third, “CuCu” leaned out the window and fired shots at the victims who were still behind them.

“CuCu” was not arrested at the time as no one could identify him. “CuCu” was later on identified as 25-year-old Christamadeo Towai and arrested on a separate incident.

On an incident that occurred Wednesday, The Richmond Police Department responded to shots being fired at a residence in Richmond.

Police spoke to a victim, who advised that he lived there. Narcotics and a small digital scale behind the water heater were allegedly located in the residence. The victim told police that he came to the residence in the morning in an attempt to sell a TV. Towai became irate and allegedly started pointing a small revolver at him, pressing the firearm underneath the victim’s chin.

The two started fighting, and while attempting to defend himself, the victim was “pistol whipped” at the top of his head causing him to black out and also causing a laceration on the top of his head. The gun reportedly “went off” in the floor of the living room, endangering the occupants living below them according to the citation.

Towai reportedly denied the whole incident and told police that he did not know about a firearm or narcotics in the residence. The owner of the apartment confirmed the victim’s story and advised police that Towai did not live there. The owner of the apartment tried to defend the victim but left the scene when he heard a second gunshot.

Towai was arrested and charged with first-degree wanton endangerment, second-degree assault, tampering with physical evidence, and first-degree possession of controlled substance (heroin).