Richmond woman arrested after drugs found concealed on various parts of her body


Police recently arrested a woman after drugs were found on various parts of her body.

The Richmond Police Department was dispatched to the Speedway on Merrick Dr. early Saturday morning and found a male asleep in the front seat of a SUV and 20-year-old Kaylen Dunn passed out in the back seat.

Dunn had a warrant for possession of controlled substances (methamphetamine). Dunn told police that she had no drugs on her and that she last used drugs in the morning, when the sun was coming up. According to a citation, her pupils were dilated from recently using methamphetamine.

While police were transporting her to the Madison County Detention Center, Dunn was seen digging into her bra in the back seat of the cruiser. She allegedly told police that she was retrieving a baggie from her bra. According to reports, the baggie contained a rock/powder like substance suspected to be methamphetamine. Dunn had reportedly gotten the substance all over the back seat and floor board of the cruiser.

After the incident, Dunn claimed her lips became numb and she was transported to Baptist Health Richmond to be treated. Dunn told officials that she again did not have drugs on her but when a nurse requested Dunn to provide urine sample, they found a large rock like substance that appeared to be more suspected methamphetamine.

Dunn was examined by medical personnel and determined that there was allegedly no further suspected methamphetamine in her private parts.

Dunn was taken to the Madison County Detention Center and charged with first-degree possession of controlled substance (methamphetamine), tampering with physical evidence, public intoxication of controlled substance, and buy/possess drug paraphernalia.