Coroner Speaks on Busy 2019, and Prestigious Statewide Award


Madison County Coroner Jimmy Cornelison has been extremely busy lately as there have been many deaths, both natural and otherwise, here in Madison County.

However, he still made time to get to a statewide conference, where he says he was completely taken aback when he was awarded a prestigious award across all 120 counties and coroners in the Commonwealth.

We spoke to Cornelison about this award, and the most recent updates on his office that no doubt works overtime for the county. It was obvious how integral his job is to the area as there not only have been paramount murder investigations, but also the fact that while WBONtv was in his office his phone would not stop ringing with more scenes he was to attend to.

It is obvious that our Coroner here in Madison County deserves this award, and he continues to state that he will work for the people of the county, no matter what the time or place.