Police searching for possible evidence in 1977 missing person case


Lexington and Kentucky State Police are reportedly searching for possible evidence in the 1977 missing Melanie Flynn case.

According to our news partner LEX18, K9’s are sniffing around some freshly dug up areas at the old campground near Murphy’s Landing.

Earlier this week, police received a credible tip regarding Flynn’s remains that could possibly be buried in an underground tank at the campground.

The tip allegedly came from someone who stated that he wanted to get a secret off his chest.

Flynn vanished in the early 1977. Since then, theories have surfaced about police covering up Melanie’s disappearance. Her parents believed that Flynn knew too much about a drug ring that involved the Lexington police officers and other members of the community.

42 years later, officials are still working on the case to bring Flynn back home to her family.