KSP: Human remains confirmed to be Savannah Spurlock


The Kentucky State Police has confirmed that the human remains found at the Garrard County home was positively identified as Savannah Spurlock.

A citation released by the Kentucky State Police details new information about the recent investigation that took place last night in Garrad County, which resulted in the finding of human remains and the arrest of David Allen Sparks. 

The citation states that Mr. Allen Sparks informed his attorney that he was concerned about a “foul odor” coming from his property. According to the report, this information coupled with the fact that David Sparks is a primary suspect in the Savannah Spurlock missing persons case, led investigators to search the property. 

The citation continues to detail the findings of human remains concealed in an “unnatural position beneath the surface of the ground”. KSP states that items of evidence found with the human remains are believed to be connected to the Savannah Spurlock investigation. 

According the the report, these “items of evidence” were last known to be in control of two individuals, Savannah Spurlock and David Sparks. 

David Allen Sparks was charged with Tampering with Physical Evidence and Abuse of a Corpse.

The KSP said that more details will be coming about as the investigation proceeds in the coming days including the manner or cause of death.