Berea Dolphins 50th season, hosts 2019 conference meet


In the midst of their 50th season, the Berea Dolphins hosted the conference meet earlier this week.

The Berea Dolphins not only hosted, but also participated in the Bluegrass swim conference meet on Monday, July 8, 2019. The event was held at the Berea Community Pool.

The event consisted of ten teams participating from different areas of Kentucky.

Sandy Briggs, The President of Board for the Berea Dolphins, says that there were around 800 swimmers in total, 81 of which were representing the Berea Dolphins.

Briggs also told WBONTV that trophies were awarded to winners. Aside from that, a boy and a girl were picked out to be awarded a college scholarship. The scholarships given were based on their performance, character, overall attitude, and participation, among others.