Man arrested for allegedly ramming a vehicle and threatening to kill the driver in Berea


A man was arrested Saturday after reports say that he rammed a person’s vehicle and threatened the driver.

The incident occurred on Muddy Creek Rd in Berea at around 9:30 P.M. The victim stated that someone had a firearm and had rammed her vehicle.

According to a citation, the victim stated that she knew him but she had a protection order against him which allowed no violent contact.

42-year-old Phillip Mcmaine was driving down the road when he passed by the victim, turned his vehicle around and started following the victim.

Reports state that when the victim pulled into her residence, Mcmaine maneuvered his vehicle to try to block her and when she tried to leave, he rammed her vehicle with his.

The victim told police that Mcmaine jumped out of his vehicle and onto her hood. Mcmaine then reportedly proceeded to threaten the victim by saying that he had a gun and that he would “shoot” her if she called the police.

Mcmaine was arrested and charged with violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO, first-degree wanton endangerment, resisting arrest and third-degree terroristic threatening. He was taken to the Madison County Detention Center.