Crime Spree at the Richmond Centre Leaves 1 Man Arrested


Richmond police report arresting a man in the Richmond Centre after the subject reportedly went store to store committing crimes.

On Sunday afternoon, officers were dispatched to a clothing store in the Richmond Centre called Rue 21. The call was in reference to a older male known as 50 year old Dennis Oder, who was reportedly asking a juvenile to try on underwear and model them for him.

Police made contact with the juvenile victim and her mother, who advised police of Oder’s actions towards the minor and the sexual requests from Oder to model the underwear for him. He had already left the store and was reportedly seen heading towards Bath and Body Works .

According to a citation, police report observing Oder walking out of JCPenny wearing brand new clothes with the tags still on them. Oder was then seen walking back into the store yelling obscenities in reference to receiving oral sex from a 14 year old in the bathroom. Police made contact with Oder in the store and Oder told police that he was “trading out an old pair of Levi’s” and trying other items out for a “test run”.

Police report making Oder change into his old clothes in the dressing room where he then reportedly drew a knife and attempted to open it. Police quickly disarmed Oder which reportedly caused Oder to state that he was Hell’s Angel (Motorcycle gang). He continued to threaten the officer.

The total for the shoplifted clothes came to $146. Oder also reportedly advised police that the shirt he was wearing came from the Richmond Cinemark. Police confirmed the crime with Cinemark Employees who said that Oder stole the shirt after being denied a refund for his popcorn.

Oder admitted to police that he was on Oxycodone. He was transferred to the Madison County Detention Center on charges of harassment, unlawful transaction with a minor, disorderly conduct, shoplifting, public intoxication, promoting a minor in sex performance and terroristic threatening.