Man Returns From Vacation to Find Alleged Trespasser Occupying Home


According to a report filed by the Berea Police Department, a woman allegedly broke into a residence and barricaded herself inside of a bedroom while armed with a knife.

The report states that the homeowner had just returned from a week long vacation when he noticed the front door had been barricaded from the inside. The homeowner claimed that upon entering the residence, he observed the suspect run downstairs where she locked herself in a basement bedroom and barricaded the windows and door.

In the citation, the officer explains the scene upon arrival noting that the bedroom was barricaded with a mattress and string tied to the door knob. The report also states that there were signs of alleged forced entry to the residence.

According to the report, when the responding officers attempted to speak to the accused, Stephanie Lewis, she stated she was not going to leave the room. The officers reportedly spent several minutes speaking with her before making entry to the room when she allegedly became irate and combative.

The altercation reportedly led to officers deploying a taser in attempt to gain compliance and then became hands on, forcing Lewis facedown on the ground.

Stephanie Lewis was taken into custody and transported to the Madison County Detention Center with charges of Resisting Arrest and 2nd Degree Burglary.